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In a cafe we sat
having a coffee and chat
talking `bout music and art
in the back round music played
i told her     close your eyes
and i closed mine
told her to listen
tell me the colours she could see
she said red and blue
i had seen purple!

The King Of Audio Torture


I like it EB short and sweet and the humour around making a colour while mixing  two colours.  My nephew when he started school came home  and told his Mum they had 32 purples in his class.     


True story Pete,thought it might go over heads of some.     

The King Of Audio Torture

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I immediately thought of several scenarios there.

That has the making of  a really good song !
I was playing around with it - I hope you don't mind.

This my thoughts in terms of song

[C]In a cafe we sat
having a coffee and a [G]chat
[C]talking `bout music and art
as the background soft music [G]played
[C]i told her  to  close your eyes
and then i closed [G]mine
[C]I asked her to tell me the colours
she imagined in her  [G]mind
she said [D] I see red and [C}blue
while I was seeing [G] purple

Great concept her Brian - well done.


ps - every song I've ever written had to have rhyme - this one because of the color scheme
- LOL " Purple" !!!      at first it felt funny - but I actually like this -  it gives such a twist when it doesn't rhyme.

Thanks for opening that door for me !

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Hi Brian.
So deep and yes it went over my head but I do think it might make a good song     

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i love what you have done to it,i thought i had missed a trick with the wording.
i had,and you`ve put it right.
sometimes rhymes are predictable and you can see them coming, a bit of mystery
never hurt.

The King Of Audio Torture