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Topic: Talita Summer

I have put this poem up on YouTube my tribute to a gifted Sax player who Maree and I loved listening to when she busked on the streets of our city. I haven't written the words down here as I think it is better to hear it as I'm not sure if the words read well until you actually hear it. I hope the words paint a good picture attached to this video are photos I took of her playing.


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poetry at it`s very best
also brilliantly read     

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I love your honesty. So, you didn't rate the recording very highly? But you recognize that others did. Well done my friend, very touching and your heartfelt rendition compliments a gentle and talented soul.

I also love the way you snuck in how you and Maree have date nights...rock on Pedr.     

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nice work , cool accent to     

out of tune out of key and out of touch

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Cheers EB, Phill and Mojo  thank you for your feedback I am pleased that my accent and words worked.     

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Mojo and I thought exactly the same - great rendition enhanced by the accent.
I also caught the date night line - way to go !!

congrats on a nice performance of a soulful message.

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Thank you Jim.