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I buried my friend in the garden
In a place reserved for gold fish
I tried to rationalize by saying it was tortoise shell
knowing deep down it was just plastic
It's colour was right
It's thickness was good
It strummed or played licks like a good `un
In my fingers it sat
As solid as a rat
So I found a new one
And that's that 

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Re: rip pick

A very heartfelt pic ode. I most likely would have stuck it in a drawer. Now you know where to go if you misplace your new pic. My couch is where most of my old pics are buried, usually unintended.     

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Re: rip pick

Just leave the spurs upon my boots,
An' drop 'em in right quick.
An' just in case there's music there,
Throw in a guitar pick.     

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Re: rip pick

Piri, I know having heard your magic playing your pick would have done a good job. RIP your pick I bet it has made  your guitar sing perfectly. Maybe in time to come archaeologist will find your pick and wonder what it was and it's place in history.
My little plastic fantastic.
Danced with many a string.
Listen to by many a boy and girl while they were having a fling.
Now my beautiful pick.
Rest in peace beneath the soil.
Leaving me with many memories of its beautiful toil.

Re: rip pick

A soulful picture ... just amazing words