Topic: My reality

You swallowed a Bitter pill
Yet try to find love still
Bleak forecast
Put that ghost in the past

A new Die to be cast.

Why do you date while still loving an Ex?
Playing games.
While not knowing you’re own mind.
Pretty + crazy, pretty crazy

Don’t go out foggy and hazy

Head games
Playing with others hearts
Figure yours out
Before you tear mine apart.

Tired of the re-start

Overflow of emotions
Let me know if I move to fast
Let me re-calibrate before 
You are smothered,

And I become the past 

“Find your own sound.  Dont be a second rateYngwie Malmsteen be a first rate you”

– George Lynch 2013 (Dokken, Lynchmob, KXM, Tooth & Nail etc....)