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What a blast. The body was mostly started as a kit, and the top had the shape to it, but not sized. The neck was also a piece of stock. I built it from there. To do the body from scratch would have been outside the scope of the class, but I did learn a good bit about how acoustics are made, shaped, and assembled.

I need to finish it now. The body, neck, and headstock will be blue. The top will be "natural." The body is made of curly maple and the top of cedar. 

I made the neck in a D shape, but I'm regretting that and will likely take some of the edge of the D off on the top of the neck to give it more of a C shape there tapering to a D shape in the upper registers.

I'll show it off once I've stained and finished it.

If anyone wonders, putting on a four layer binding is a HUGE PAIN IN THE NECK!!!! Everything else is pretty darned cool. 

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Re: I built an acoustic

thats cool cant wait to see some pics of it.     

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Re: I built an acoustic

I have never been that good with my hands I admire people who can build and make things. I look forward to seeing some pics and maybe a recording of you playing it.     

Re: I built an acoustic

Sounds like a challenging project? But satisfying and I'm sure it will turn out perfect and sound amazing. Can't wait to see and hear your baby.     

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Re: I built an acoustic

Maybe some kind of photo report could be heard) about the stages of construction ?!     

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Re: I built an acoustic

I've never been particularly skilled with my hands. People who can construct and make things inspire me.     

Re: I built an acoustic

That's sounds fun. I started in carpentry very young and enjoy building. Ended up in I.T. as life throws us in different directions, but building and making stuff is awesome. Especially when you step back to look at your creation. Nice maybe some pics!     

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