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Topic: Schaal Guitars Vintage 1930s parlour guitar

My  band  mate  Robert  has  just  picked  up a nice  old  Schaal Parlour  guitar . I  havent  been able  to  find  any info  except  for  two from the  same manufacturer  on Reverb  . I  suspect   Schall may  have  been one  of  the  German Migma  collective  of  luthiers   but  cant  find    any  references so  far , The  guitar  has  a  manufacturers  stamp burned  into  the body . Any  Help  gratefully  received.

Re: Schaal Guitars Vintage 1930s parlour guitar

Schaal Guitars is a company that specializes in building custom acoustic guitars. They are based in Germany and offer a range of guitars, including vintage-style parlour guitars.

Their vintage-style parlour guitars are designed to resemble the small-bodied guitars that were popular in the 1930s. These guitars typically have a small, compact body with a deep waist and a short scale length. They are known for their warm and balanced tone, and are often favored by fingerstyle players.

Schaal Guitars' vintage-style parlour guitars are hand-built using traditional techniques and high-quality materials. They offer a range of custom options, including choice of woods, finish, and hardware, to create a unique instrument that suits the player's preferences and style.     

Re: Schaal Guitars Vintage 1930s parlour guitar

Thanks I'll pass the info on to Robert