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Topic: Zeuxis

In today’s world I meet far too many people who are taking themselves too seriously. Laughter and music two great things  a necessary  tonic the magnet that draws me in and entertains. A way of lifting my spirits and so on. I love it when entertainers work the crowd using humour and music. I will attach an example of what I mean about music and laughter after this poem I wrote.

Zeuxis, a 5th-century BC Greek painter, is said to have died laughing at the humorous way in which he painted the goddess Aphrodite – after the old woman who commissioned it insisted on modelling for the portrait. Instead of painting Aphrodite as expected showing her as a young woman he painted her as the model.


Zeuxis, a 5th-century BC Greek painter

An artist I would like to meet

I think he had a warped sense of humour like mine

Hope I’m not being mean or unkind

I’m not sick

His claim to fame and ultimate death a painting of an old lady.

When I say old that is to me in my real truth a well-worn person male or female who has dignity and beauty

A painting or picture of a person with wrinkles and lines

Does more for my mind a good experience to look at and bide my time

In those images a goldmine.

In the morning I try not to see the old man in the mirror.

In my vanity I’m looking at a young man that isn’t me

At Zeuxis art exhibition I would linger.

After all had gone.

To joke and laugh with him and share inappropriate jokes.

All about me and if he painted a picture.

Of the one and only me

Don’t worry I’m not down on myself

If I can’t laugh at myself

Then can no one else

Self-depreciation ain't all bad

Inside I’m still a young lad