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Beginner with sore fingers.  Best guage to use for more comfort?
Currently using extra light coated Addario 

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I'm sorry to say this but the more you play the less pain you'll get. Once your finger tips harden it wont matter what guage strings you use. Light guage 10 or under, are easier to bend, which if you are a beginner might make your guitar sound out of tune even if it's not. Heavy guage 12 and up will be harder to press down behind the fretts. Electric guitars are easier to play than acoustic guitars. Also the hight of the strings above the fretts (the action) will play a big part. If you have a good guitar and you can afford it, take it to the music shop you bought it and ask them to set it up for you, or if you know of a good guitar doctor.
I hope these were the tips and answers you were looking for.     

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Re: String guage

Consider trying lighter gauge strings like super light or extra light. They're easier on the fingers for beginners.