Topic: Posting of Songs

This message is for those of you wanting to post known songs that are not in Chordie's library.

Unfortunately Chordie does not host any songs, apart from the original ones by Members in the Songwriting section. Chordie is a search engine and it collects the location of songs already on the Internet and sorts them alphabetically and by artiste to make them easy to find. Although the songs appear to be on Chordie, they are not, the clever programming just makes it appear that they are. There are legal reasons concerning copyright laws that prevent Chordie from hosting songs.

You cannot post the lyrics of songs for which you do not hold the copyright in your messages either. The 'Sticky' at the start of the Song Requests section from Per, the founder of Chordie, shows how serious he takes this.

However if you post songs on a site that does host songs (and they must be in Chopro format) you can have Chordie access it and it will appear here. Send the information of the song and it's location to:

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