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Does anyone have tips for barre chords?

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Keep practicing.

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I stress this point to my guitar students relentlessly! Size does not not matter, in terms of ones' hands. The only advantage to having large hands is being able to use the thumb in a 'wrap around' technique to play bass notes on barre chords. This is a bad habit for large and small handed people. It limits ones reach for fills and flicks. What you need to focus on is thumb placement on the back of the guitar neck. Your thumb should be on the lower third of the back of the neck. Keep your wrist straight and almost any reach you wish to attain will be possible. I'm not saying you'll have the same span as a large handed person but proper,efficient technique will always conquer genetics.

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Keep the thumb on the back of the neck.  Practice.  Then practice some more.  Then when you're done, practice a little.

And don't forget to practice.

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thanks  everyone.
I'll keep those tips in mind.

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The only suggestion I have is just use enough pressure to play it clean. I am struggling with fatigue from trying to squeeze my neck in half. Its a hard habbit to break. ouch!!