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any suggestions?

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I wished I could remember the name of the song but instead I can tell you the most outragsous I have heard just for being completely different was a Van Halen song. Eddie played the guitar with an electric drill with plectrums attached that spun round very fast.


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I think the tune you're thinking of Ken is "POUNDCAKE"?

I know this isn't an incredibly fast, technically difficult, or consisting of power tools or any other bizarre gadgets, but I'll take David Gilmores solo on "Comfortably Numb" any ole day. That dude plays with so much feel and emotion and I'll take that over blaze and complexity almost every time.

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Alvin Lee, Ten Years After, I'm Goin' Home at Woodstock.

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Re: most outrageous guitar solo

For sheer outrageous value, Hendrix doing The Star Spangled Banner.

Eddie Van Halen doing "Eruption" pretty much changed the way we think about guitar forever.

But just for pure "WTF was that!" outrageous, Shawn Lane never ceases to amaze.

Just to clarify, he's not playing hammer ons, there.  He's picking every note.

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