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I've just been on the prince fan site and it appears that Prince is sueing his fans for one reason or the other. The 3 main ones have formed a coalition of sorts called PFU (prince fans united) to fight back at the somewhat crazy allegations etc.
Does this mean that he could sue chordie for having tabs/lyrics to any of his tunes that are up on the website.
I know that it sounds kind of silly but if you read the main press release from PFU it may make some sense.
Kind of strange

In an extraordinary, but not unfamiliar move, the rock legend Prince is using an army of lawyers to launch attacks on his own fans. Several of the largest web communities dedicated to the artist have received notices to cease and desist all use of photographs, images, lyrics, album covers and anything linked to Prince's likeness. It is our belief that these threats are not made in an attempt to enforce valid copyright as Prince alleges in his threats, rather we believe they are attempts to stifle all critical commentary about Prince. We strongly believe that such actions are in violation of the freedom of speech and should not be allowed. Prince claims that fansites are not allowed to present any artwork with Prince's likeness, to the extreme that he has demanded removal of fan's own photographs of their Prince inspired tattoos and their vehicles displaying Prince inspired license plates. Prince's representatives have requested that the fansites provide them with "substantive details of the means by which you [the fansites] propose to compensate our clients [Paisley Park Enterprises, NPG Records and Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG)] for damages..."

The owners of the three largest fansites supporting Prince:, and supporting Prince have come together to fight back to what amounts to an injustice to the fansites and the very fans who have supported Prince's career, many since the very beginning nearly thirty years ago.

It is their hope that Prince will reconsider his position and allow these fansites to continue their existence without constant threats from Prince and his attorneys. Should this not be possible, the fansites are fully prepared to defend their position in the proper court of law, as well as fully prosecute any claims to which they are justly entitled.

The owners of, and acknowledge that, while Prince is entitled to control of his copyrights, it should be within the law. The law clearly provides for displaying of images of a celebrity's likeness for newsworthy events or matters which are considered to be public interest. All three websites feel that the photographs and/or likeness displayed on their websites clearly fall within the public interest category. Additionally, the use of photographs is legal based on the fair use doctrine, i.e. the displaying of album cover art, or the collage headers created by website members using a variety of different photographs.

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I think anyone supporting Prince's career just about deserves everything they get!

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The main article is on the BBC news web page.
Then there is a link to the fan page. It's all quite funny to read and sad  in that an artist is sueing his fans for liking him . Don't figure.

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Dont read this post or Ill sue you!      lol    to late, you will be hearing from my lawyers.


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I've been fortunate to meet a few famous folks.  Some were gracious to their fans and grateful that they had given them a career.  Others were not. 

I wish I could recall who the artist was, but I recall the incident.  It wasn't a headliner type artist, but he was locally famous.  The artist had come out to front to shake some hands of folks in line.  He had a security guy with him, I suppose provided by his record label.  Anyway, some of the folks in line were pulling out cameras to get their pictures taken with him and the security guy was saying, "No cameras.  No photos."  The artist looked at the security guy and said, "I've got a job because these folks want to hear me and pay to come see me.  You've got a job because I do.  Pictures are fine with me."   Prince could take some lessons. 

You know, now that I think of it, it might have been Livingston Taylor - not a local guy at all but a real, honest-to-goodness big shot. 

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Re: Prince lawyers take legal action against his fans

Is being a complete tosser a criminal offence in the USA, because if it is someone should be taking the artist formerly known as Ponce to court.



Re: Prince lawyers take legal action against his fans

I have the impression, that they don't make newspapers or magazines, using points to have a dvd, or cd, but that they give you a dvd/cd with a magazine.

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