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Hey everyone, Finally got around to having my Epi's first time set up done. It had light strings and the shop put on some Elixir's. They are medium gauge and said they will last 2 times longer. The sound these strings put out, in my opinon sucks..Not sure why I didn't notice it when I picked it up, the sound is somewhere between "tinny and a Drobo" Is my hearing going or is this how the Elixir's sound? Iknow new strings will have a little different sound at first..but...Has anyone else tried these and got the same result or what?


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On my acoustics I use D'Adderrio EXP 16. I've tried a bunch of strings and I like these the best. It's all personal prefrence.

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I can't help you on the Elixir's either. I will ask around. I know several guitar players here. I use D'Addario  EJ16

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  On my Taylor 614 I use the Elixir's (Med Gauge) and have no problems with the sound. As a matter of fact on theTaylor I perfer the Elixirs. I recently brought it to my guitar guru who put on D'Addarrio EXP's and I was not pleased with the sound at all. It was way to tinny and I just didn't like the feel of them. Now on my Ibanez (Practice guitar) I use the D'Addarrio EXP's and have no problem with the sound or the feel of them. So what does this prove, I guess just that it's a personal thing, and taste.