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Hi guys and girls, I love chordie so much I made it my homepage.
So thanks for making it! (Whoever did make it)

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Chordie is the brainchild of Per, the 'Mighty Admin', it is he who sorts out the bugs and technical problems. I have to agree it was a brilliant idea, well done Per.


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I've been using Chordie for more then a year now, I think.
And I haven't yet said thanks for the amazing dynamic site!

You guys are talented!!
Great architecture! simple & friendly design!!
Keep on the good work!

Ronen @ Israel

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I have been using Chordie for about 2 months now and it is absolutely brilliant.  Thank you to all those who thought up the idea and those who administer it.


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Chordie rocks.

Just play

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Thank You For Being Here!
Have Already Added Songs To My Book..
And Playing Some....
A Great Resource!
Would Like to See Similiar Resources For Accordians!
(Cajun, Zydeco, Blues n' Rock)!

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chordie *(&**%*%*%*ing Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

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It inspired me to practice and play more..what else could one ask for??

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