Topic: Corrections

Last couple of days looking up different songs here on Chordie I have come across incorrect chords & lyrics...Does anyone know how these can be corrected or if they actually can be corrected? I came across some old music sheets I've had for years and as it turned out I discovered the errors.


Re: Corrections

Hello Backagain61,
Yes, the errors you have found can be corrected.

Log into chordie, go the flawed song, move it into your songbook, and then edit it to make the necessary corrections.

To edit/correct a song do this . . . in your songbook open the song using the 'edit' button (at the end of each listing).

You will then see 2 windows - the upper window shows the 'raw' file and the lower window displays the 'formatted' file.  Use the upper pane to make your changes.  Hit the 'save' button between the windows to see what your changes will look like.

Finally, once all your changes are complete you can go back to the song in chordie's index, hit the 'improve song' button and then just paste in your corrected version.  Your name will then appear at the bottom of that song page as being the person who corrected the song.

Hope this helps - it is not as complicated as it might seem.   James

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