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Hi Guitar Gurus

Can anyone explain fully what the / means in chord annotation please.

e.g. C/D   C/B   G/F#   etc.

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Hi Peter,

The slash symbol / means that the chord is simply a combination of two standard chords.  I often play the C/D chord, for example.  The first note indicated is  the bass note, in this case C. 

I play this by making an open D chord, but putting a finger on the C (third fret of the A string) instead of the open D, which is muted by the finger on the C note. 

If this seems too difficult, don't worry about the F# of the D chord (second fret of the high E string.) But this simple chord sounds very cool, especially when played in a chord progression after the D or G chords.

For a C/B however, I would probably play a barre chord-style C, only with a finger on the B bass note.  This kind of chord would probably sound best when followed by a C barre chord. 

The G/F# is another chord where I would use the second note indicated as the bass note.  Play a simple open G chord, only put a finger on the bass F# note (second fret low E string.)  If you play open G chords with a finger on the bass B note, you can drop that and mute it with the finger you have on the F#.

Hope this helps!


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like karl said, their just combinations.  the hard part is knowing where your fingers go.  if you dont know where to put your fingers for split chords i recommend this site

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