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Okay, I couldn't find anything on this, so I started this thread.

I have been listening to some great music from the Chordians, and want to post some of mine.

I don't want to go onto "MySpace" because my ex-wife will track me down and post stupidity there. (divorced for 15 years, and she still won't leave me alone).

I opened a "Facebook" page, but can't figure out how to post a *.wav file to it?

Must I create *.mp3s?
How do I do so?
Can I convert my *.wav into a *.mp3?

I have a CD of music (somewhere) that I recorded. Most is covers of some of my favorites, but some of my original stuff is on there too. I think it is all in *.wav files, though.

Any thoughts?

Also, please post any replies in American Dumb-Guy English, as I am unable to read binary, C++, or any other sort of computer-speak.


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Hi Oldnewbie
You can convert wav files to Mp3 using software available on the net try here … 4&kp=4
usually free to try. I have used them myself.

Facebook will not to my knowledge host uploaded music
Myspace will if you join as an artist. It will allow you to upload up to 6 songs in Mp3 format.
If you don't want any hassle from anyone who knows you. Then you join under anyname you choose not your own of course and don't put a picture of your self on there.  wink

Hope this helps

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Hi Oldnewbie,

The problem with .wav files is the size, mp3 are compressed to approximately 1/10th the size with little loss of quality. It normally takes me about 5 minutes to upload and mp3 song so you can see the time it would take to upload a .wav file, also the website would have to allocate 10 times the amount of disc space for each user.

Arkady's suggestion is probably the best but if there are only a few songs you want to upload I can put them on Friends of Chordie for you. The problem there is that with space for only 6 songs the oldest one has to be removed each time a new one is put there, so the length of time it is available depends on how often nwe ones are sent to me. Please write to me privately if you do want to go down this route.


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Re: hosting songs

try also, it is really user friendly. If I can put a song on there, then you should have no problem...

Re: hosting songs

Thanks, all.

I appreciate the help. I will try several of these!

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You guys are awesome...

arkady - I used the program you referred me to. Worked like a champ.

Roger - mp3 = much smaller, and quality as good as before!

I opened a MySpace account under an assumed name and away I go!  You can hear my rendition of "Lonely Man" there, now!



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Re: hosting songs

Okay. Next question!

I used to have some software that "came with" my old computer. I used it to make some low quality CDs, just so I could hear myself play.

Old computer died, no more software.

Is there some inexpensive (i.e. shareware?) audio recording software that will allow me to record through my existing sound card? (I know there is, but don't know what I am looking for...)

thanks, guys. (and gals!)

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Re: hosting songs

Glad you got your Myspace up and running.
Here's a great programe for recording your songs or anything that is going through your sound card it's called Audacity free to download at
I use it for multi track recordings and it works really well being very flexible.


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Awesome, arkady! Thanks.

I just downloaded Audacity 1.2.x, and will be installing it this evening, and checking it out

I really appreciate the help!

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