hi badeye my daughter made a cuppa just before i came back for the mrs,the mrs had to pop out so i drank it for her,are'nt i lovely to her lol....stay cool

love is life ,life is for love,keep a true heart and live life to the full....stay cool


badeye wrote:

This song was posted once and deleted by mistake.

Strong Teaby Brad McDougall

march 27/07

There[A] ain't nothing[A7] like a strong [D] cup of [F] tea,

[A]with a [A7] friend like [D] you.

[A]We'll sit and [A7] talk about the[D] days [F] events,

[A]And have a [A7] laugh or [D] two.

[A]It's hard to [A7] make it [D] in this [F] life

[A]When your [A7] all [D] alone

[A]You need a good[A7] friend you [D] know[F]

[A]To help [A7] share the [D] load.

[C]And the tea we had [G] thru the [D] years

[C]Has helped to [G] quell our [D] fears

[C]As the bag [G] soaked up our [D] tears

[C]The laughter and the [G] memories are [D] clear

[A]Many [A7] timesyou [D] helped me [F] out

[A]When [A7] I was [D] down

[A]You always [A7] been [D] there for [F] me

[A]You always[A7] been [D] around.

[A]Thru the [A7] years we [D] brewed the [F] tea

[A]And the stories [A7] that we [D] told

[A]Will keep us [A7] friends for[D] evermore [F]

[A]Will keep us [A7] going [D] strong.


[A] And if you [A7] need a [D] helping [F] hand

[A]I'll be [A7] there for [D] you

[A] You helped me [A7] lots [D] thru the [F] years

[A]I will [A7] help you [D]too.

[A] [A7] [D] [F] let F ring.... Thanks friend...........


     The end.

I do it with a slow to moderate strum,have fun.


**Badeye I have done a little editing on the brackets you used for soc to correct the wappy formatting - Roger***

one caper after another


Very cool song, Badeye ...

And it's nice to see a few other Canucks on the site and a fellow Nova Scotian! If plagiarizing note combos was a criminal offense, most musicians would have been locked up long ago. Even amongst the professionals we've all noticed this from time to time. For example, compare Jethro Tull's "We Used to Know" (1969) to The Eagle's "Hotel California" (1976). They're not identical, but incredibly similar ... something like "Strong Tea" and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". smile

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