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Well, I never thought I would stray away from my faithful Stratocaster.  But, a friend offered to sell me his 8-month old Gibson SG.  I just couldn't resist!  After is was set up with new strings and necessary bridge adjustments, I have to say "wow!"  The sustain and the sound of the humbuggers were astounding!  Plus it's as light as the Strat!  The only thing I had to adjust was the tone for each pick-up.  Most folks turn their tone half-way to get the cleanest, most balanced sound! 

Now, I can switch between the SG and the Strat to get different sound when needed!  Yeah!

Re: Got Me a Gibson SG....Wow!

What kind of GIBSON SG do you have?
- SG Standard
- SG Menace (this is the one I have, a KILLER-GUITAR)
- SG '61 reissue?

I love the SG sound, a very light guitar compared to a LES PÄUL.
But still, I have a PRS SE TREMONTI, this guitar sounds better than a lot of others, I collect and play.
I am a PRS fanatic, my first PRS a CUSTOM 24 1993, was VERY, VERY expensive, I had the luck that there was only 1, and six months old. My best BUY ever. Here in Belgium, almost nobody knew that brand, only a few, and more the professionals. Since that moment, I'm a PRS addict.

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Re: Got Me a Gibson SG....Wow!


Mine is the SG standard.  I would love to have the '61 reissue!  I too, am a fan of PRS.  I have been looking at some used ones, but cannot break the bank to get one.  My friend/instructor has one and he paid over $2,300 for it.  Beautiful guitar and it sounds great!   Does Tom Johnston of the Doobie Brothers play PRS?  I love that sound in Listen to the Music.


Re: Got Me a Gibson SG....Wow!

I went a few weeks ago to Guitar Center and tried the PRS SE ... the price was excellent ($499.00) ... the balance and sound was beautiful ... the feel, perfect ... the only thing that irked me was the action on the neck; moreso maneuverability ... my hanrd would not move smoothly up and down the neck (on the back of the neck) ... it would "stick" when I tried to move it ... then again it might have been it was fresh out of the box as well ... but I intend on buying this one later on down the line

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