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Anyone playing a Zager guitar ? I,ve looked at thier Web site ,all very positive reviews ,but what do others think. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_rolleyes.gif" border=0 alt="Rolling Eyes">

Re: Zager Guitars

I've been playing a ZAD-20ZE for over 2 years. I would say all those review you read are true. Much easier on the fingers than the cheap guitar I first started out with.

One note. My guitar is setup for extra light strings, and I assume most all of the EZ play guitars are. A trade-off for playability, I suppose. But my guitar could benefit from more loudness and reverb which I think a setup with thicker strings would give it.

But I am no expert.

Re: Zager Guitars

Thanks for reply David,would the guitar have to be reset for heavier gauge strings ?. <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_cry.gif" border=0 alt="Crying or Very Sad">