Topic: Rest of My Days

Hi all....

I tried this once before.Pretty much a newbie to this site as well as guitar.

Been playing almost 1 year now...

Anyways theres a band called INDIGENOUS....I spelled it wrong first time I posted it looking for tab by them.

So I'm looking for any tab for 'Rest of My Days'

This was a song played at my daughters wedding that was the daughter daddy dance (sniffle *l )so it has sentimental value for me and I'd love to be able to learn it.

Also this band is great if you never listened to them....Sioux indians...The lead and vocal is done by Mato Nanji and his strat....His sister plays drums too.

I heard that Mato was in the top hundred guitarists list this year...Rollin Stone maybe.....??

Maybe one of you afficianados (sp)  can give it a listen and maybe get me started.

Here is the link to have a listen to them....of course please listen to Rest of My Days! Its an acoustical version but the riff is the same I imagine.

Thanks and Happy Holidays from Boston Mass.


I LOVE CHORDIE !!!!!!!!!!!