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So we have a gig coming up on Saturday at a local bar.  Owner wants three hours.  We have two solid hours, and another forty five minutes of messing around, so since it's a paying kind of thing, we decide to bring in another group to do a 1st set.  Split the check, tip jar, etc..

And they can't do it.

So we're scrambling...

Just got a couple of guys I know to sit in for them.

Ahhh....  relief.

Someday we'll win this thing...


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Hi Jerome,

With two hours solid playing, a break in the middle and time intorducing your numbers and the band members you could practically fill the time yourselves. You could also take note of numbers that went down particularly well and repeat  them at the end of the evening. That way you do not have to share the proceeds.

Just a thought.

I hope the gig goes well for you,


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Re: Opener Bails

Hi Jerome - this might actually turn out to be a good thing and the chaos could result in creative energy.  Break a leg!  James

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Take the Spinal Tap approach; Maybe it's time to play "Jazz Oddysey"

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Re: Opener Bails

It's a fun place to play.  Very much a hole in the wall.   We've played weeknight gigs there but this is the 1st time we'll be there on a Saturday, so we wanted to do it right.

Funny thing is, in desperation I had stuck out a craigslist add in the musicians section.  10 minutes after I posted it, my buddy calls and says he'll take the stage time.

Timing is everything.

Someday we'll win this thing...