Topic: Vox AD 50 VT Amp

Has anybody got advice on clean settings for this amp please. I play Eagles,Rod Stewart,CCR type of music.I am experimenting with Black 2x12, Tweed 4x10, AC15, and AC30TB.If you have, use clock face as a referance and do you start with the preset mode and tweak or start on the manual mode.My guitar is a Samick designed by Valley Arts and the pickups are 2 single and 1 humbucker with a 5 position switch.

Re: Vox AD 50 VT Amp

Hi rotoiti,
I have the 30 watt version of this amp.  The amp model that I use for a clear clean sound is the Boutique Clear.  I started with the preset mode and tweaked a little bit from there.  That and a little reverb seemed to do the trick.  Once you have it sounding the way you like you can save it as one of your stored channels.

Also, check out this website it has hundreds of different settings for the Valvetronix series.

Hope this helps,

Re: Vox AD 50 VT Amp

Thanks Jim I will give that amp a go. Being able to store a sound is handy for a quick set up. Someone told me that an electric acoustic can be put through these amps as well