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I'm having a hard time finding fingerpicking songs to practice that are not too hard and not entry level either. Most books e.g. I've come across are either for beginners or advanced players. I want to practice some easy and simple licks to accompany the chord picking. Any suggestions or links (I know "intermediate" is a wide spectrum..)?

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i just finished learning stairway to heaven by led zepplin, really fun song to learn, also why not try some songs by eva cassidy, bob dylan etc  good luck m8

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Re: Fingerpicking songs - intermediate level

Blackbird by the Beatles can be fingerpicked very effectively.

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Suzanne and Sisters of mercy by Leonard Cohen are worth the effort.


Landslide by fleetwood mac
Ride on - Christy Moore
If you could read my mind - Gordon Lightfoot
Streets of London - Ralph McTell

All songs I've found rewarding to learn!


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Re: Fingerpicking songs - intermediate level

Try these. . .tough but good to learn
Classical Gas-Mason Williams (I only know about half so far)
Song for George-Eric Johnson
Annie's Song-John Denver
Hotel California live (acoustic)-Eagles obviously smile
OK a new one I'm attempting to learn-although I warn you it's probably over the "intermediate" level: "Song for Life" by Eric Johnson.  This one is probably the coolest of all of these-it's definately worth the effort.  Although all of them are cool and worth the effort smile Good luck!

Oh darn how could I forget Tears in Heaven by Clapton? This is one of the easier ones of the bunch, but one of the greatest songs ever written.

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Thank you all so much for your help. Currently I'm working on Dust in the Wind, mainly to get a good grip on the Travis picking, but it's a great song as well. Btw - do you know more songs that use this technique (I know about Landslide and Blowing in the wind)?

I love artists like Alison Krauss/Union station (have been scratching my head over "Jacob's dream", can't get my fingers around it (probably not intermediate level!!)), Eva Cassidy, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan. I look so forward to studying them and more.

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Here are some to ponder:'
1. Dog and Butterfly - Heart
2. Operator - Jim Croce
3. Crazy on You (acoustic part) - Heart
4. You've Got A Friend - James Taylor

I like Alison Kraus/Union Station too.  Also, some of the older Neil Young songs are finger picking classics!  And, of course, Lindsey Buckingham (AKA Fleetwood Mac!)

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where can a person learn how to finger pick ,  i'm looking for free online lessons

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i cant learn closer to the sun by slightly stoopid

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the boxer.. Simon & Garfunkel, can be picked to make a lovely pretty tune smile

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