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Hello all,

I am a pilot who travels every week with my Washburn d10s acoustic.  I have been at it about a year, and have recently started to research humidifiers, on the suggestion of a friend.

What would be the best humidifier to regulate the humidity in my guitar?  The air is very dry in the airplane.  The humidity varies once on the ground, depending where I am.

I also understand that you could have too much humidity.

What do you guys suggest---without breaking the bank!



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I use a plastic container for Q-tips, in which I drilled a few holes and filled with a damp sponge.  Put that in the lidded compartment in your case, and check to make sure it's still damp every few days.  Or, you could get one of these:

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Re: guitar humidifiers

SD3, remember the cabin is pressurized the cargo area is not. As a pilot, I'm sure you get to carry your guitar on board with you so you can keep it safe - JUST - be sure to loosen up those string a few turns prior to take-off. It's a whole lot easier to retune everything than to have your guitar going snap, crackle and pop during your flight.


Re: guitar humidifiers

dguyton wrote:

Or, you could get one of these:

I live in Colorado at 6,200 ft above sea level - very arid here.  My guitar is all solid woods so humidity is very important.  I use a device similar to the one referenced by dguyton.  I don't always keep my guitar in its case - sometimes I want the convenience of just picking it up and playing for a few minutes - but I can hear and feel the difference when it has been in the case with the properly hydrated humidifier.  These devices are typically less than $15 US.  They will want you to use distilled water.

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