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Those who missed the boat are musicians who left (voluntary or not) the band who became very huge.
1) THE BEATLES: In the original line-up and performing in HAMBURG Pete BEST (who was extremely popular for female fans) had to leave the band in 1962 just before the breakthrough.
2) ROLLING STONES: Andrew Loog Oldham removed him because he "didn't fit" but he was a roadie and continued playing piano and keyboard

Are there other bands you know where a member preferred to do something else or was removed from the line-up?

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Off hand the only one that comes to mind is Rod Stewart he was in the Jeff Beck group and on the "Truth" LP his voice was, and still is unique especially on the song "Shapes" smile

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great thread!!!

Glen Matlock, bass player of the sex pistols got chucked out to make way for the idiot (Syd Vicious) that could not even play a bass guitar.
But now he is back with them as they get paid huge amounts of money to show people how a punk rocker looks and sounds in their 50's. ( and I got to say, very very good, better than first time round)

Tracey Guns guitarist from Guns ' n' Roses. He left the band before they hit it big as he did not think that a certain tour was going to be good for the band or some other argument. So he got replaced with Slash. Tracey went on to form L.A Guns and had a few albums but never got as big as Guns'n'roses.


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Peter Gabriel missed the commercial boat with Genesis and the money that went with it.
Somehow I don't think he minded to much though.....

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pete best is in the guiness book of world record.

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Randy California - best known as the guitarist and lead singer for Spirit.

He played with Jimmy James and the Blue Flames.  When the group crossed the pond over to Britain, his parents would not let him make the trip because he was only 15.  Jimmy James and Blue Flames hit it big in Britain as The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

A couple of years later, Randy California's band Spirit was scheduled to play right before Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock.  However, the band's record company thought the festival would be no big deal so they advised them to continue a tour in support of a recently released album.

Spirit's biggest hit was "I Got a Line on You" which is one of those all-time great tunes from the 60's.  Spirit had some other hits also.  Randy drowned in 1997 while saving his son from drowning in Hawaii.

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