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At the bottom of every song there is a button called "correct song". This will allow all users to make corrections directly to the songs. I hope this will improve the site.

Please contribute! Fix up your favorite songs!

You should of course not fix chords/lyrics unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing, but everybody can contribute by correcting layout issues.

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Hi Admin:

I haven't checked this feature out yet, but your admonition to only make corrections we're "100%" sure about almost gave me the impression that the "correct song" option would allow users to edit the "source" material.

That's not correct is it?

If it is, I could see trouble arising if a well intentioned user made changes to a listing that the "owner" didn't sgree with.

I know that I've edited most of the entries in my song-book to fit with my own personal interpretation of the song and I'd hate to have that work undone by someone "correcting" it to their own ear.

I am always eager to hear what people think of my versions of a song and I welcome and encourage suggestions for improvements to them, but I wouldn't want them alterred without my knowlege and I would never presume to arbitrarily change someone else's original work.

I'm sure I'm wrong in my understanding of this new feature and your reply will confirm that! <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_wink.gif" border=0 alt="Wink">


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I am opening up to a very liberal right to correct songs. I am trusting the Chordie members to act as adults.

Please remember that all songs indexed by Chordie are contributions from fellow musicians. They are not official versions.

However there are some rules/limitations:

* The editing will NOT affect any song that are added to the songbooks prior to the editing

* All edited songs will have a link at the bottom, pointing to the "original/unedited" version of the song

* All songs can be easily reverted to their "unedited"-form

* All edited songs will be marked with "edited by USERNAME"

* It will be easy to report situations where the edited song are worse than the original. If this is verified, a typical reaction would be to revert all editing done by that person, close the account and (in case of sabotage) ban the domain from where this person is accessing Chordie.

I think this feature is best suited for making layout improvements. It is very easy to use this feature to fix up songs that the "automatic converter" have problems with.

Hope this clears up some of your questions, tunedeaf

Re: New feature - correct songs

I just tried to correct a song. It saved my corrections, but when I reloaded the song the corrections were not there.

<a href="" target="_blank"> … int.php?what=tab&id=105750</a>

Any help?


Re: New feature - correct songs

It is a known bug. It happens on some songs, and is related to the cache.

Fortunately you editing are saved, and will appear when I am able to fix this bug.

Re: New feature - correct songs

This new feature is a good thing. Here are some ideas on how best to use this new and powerful tool.

If you want to 'improve' a song, first move it into your own songbook.

This is necessary since not all songs in the index will 'take' the improvements yet (the admin is working on this bug).  If your selected song happens to be one where the improvements will not appear, then you will still have your improved version back in your songbook. It is frustrating to spend time 'fixing' a song only to discover that your 'fix' won't appear.

Do all your editing and improving in your songbook.

Once everything is to your liking, copy your entire version from the edit pane.

Then, go back to the song listing in the general index.

Hit the 'correct song' button.

Finally, just delete the old version in the song's edit pane and paste in your improvement.

Be sure to hit the 'save' button (between the edit and viewing panes) before exiting the song.

Ideally, all 'improvements' made by users will indeed be improvements . . .

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Re: New feature - correct songs

yes, all improvements should be improvements but...

what if someone thinks the song is wrong when it is actually correct and they change it to be wrong?

Since there are a few songs that are wrong, some people must have posted them onto the original site it came from thinking they had submitted a correct version.

So, does this mean we might be chasing round songs and correcting them for them to be uncorrected then for us to recorrect them? etc etc etc  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif" border=0 alt="Laughing">

Also, chordie is a search engine that gets songs from other sites. If we correct songs here on chordie they will obviously not be changed from the original source but they can still get changed here, would this not make the song unique to chordie and therefore the search engine part of chordie will not be the case in a particular song that has changed? ( it is ok, I am confusing myself as I type this  <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_lol.gif" border=0 alt="Laughing">  )

With other sites that are getting looked into for releasing lyrics would this not put chordie in the frame too?


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Re: New feature - correct songs

As a new boy to the forum, I was interested to see the previous writers comments on this subject and thought I would add my view.

I am sure that most of us that use this great site copy songs to their songbook to correct and transpose to their chosen key. Surely it would be far less contoversial if the index could also direct a user to the song in already published songbooks. This way a user could see several versions and choose what he/she finds best instead of having a situation where a song could be changed daily if two or more people had differing opinions on what is right.

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Re: New feature - correct songs

I am followig this discussion. Please comment on this feature.

I am not sure how this feature will develop. Of course I will fix any outstanding bugs here, but the feature might be implemented differently in the future.

I am especially watching any races where people are changing songs back and forward. That is not what I am interested in. What I am looking for is an easy way to correct obvious errors - especially annoying layout bugs, missing lines etc.

Only the changes will be stored at Chordie, and the song will still disappear if the hosing site is removing it.

It is a good idea to connect this to corrected versions in the public songbooks. Ill look into that. I am also considering adding a system where corrections need to be approved by senior users.

Re: New feature - correct songs


I was waiting for this feature quite a long time <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_wink.gif" border=0 alt="Wink">

Great job!

Re: New feature - correct songs

Perhaps a new page tab or new "Song Editing Forum" section which lists all the recently-edited songs would suffice.  Such a listing of all recently-edited songs would allow other users to check the changes and discuss finer points of how to make a song version the best it can be.  Such a forum section would also have the advantage of promoting open and rational discussion should disputes arise.

The idea of personal songbook versions appearing in the general index is also worthy of serious consideration.  If that is technically possible, then it could be good path.  However, for extremely popular songs you could end up with multiple versions of a song that have only minor differences - it would make the process of sifting through all the multiple versions very cumbersome.

Has there been any 'abusive' editing yet?

Has there been any 'dueling editing'?

Any malicious/destructive behavior yet?

Although these unfortumate things may occur every once in a while, the ability of chordie users to readily fix obvious problems with layout and content is a very good thing.  Over time, a quality library of accurate songs will emerge.

I would expect that malicious/desctructive editing would be limited primarily to hormone-crazed adolescents and that they would focus their attentions on a rather narrow spectrum of songs available on the site.

Perhaps a simple limit on the number of songs a person can edit per day would provide a guard against psycho-destructive, malicious behavior?

The idea of changes being 'approved' by senior members would seem to be unwieldy and cumbersome - I think a forum section focused on recently-edited songs would serve the same purpose.

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Re: New feature - correct songs

I have not noticed any abusive editing, and no races. No abuse has been reported so far.

I have fixed one of the errors related to this feature, but suspect there might be some more... It can take some days before this works perfectly.

Re: New feature - correct songs

The 'Top 100' songs list would be an excellent place to begin correcting/improving chordie's library.  Perhaps chordie users could make it a priority to 'fix' these selections?

A random stroll through the 'Top 100' list reveals that lots of gentle tweaking could be beneficial.  Since these songs are popular, it seems like a worthy goal to get them all spiffed up first . . .

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Re: New feature - correct songs

The song saltwater is attributed to John LENNON when in fact it was written by his son Julian.

Re: New feature - correct songs

Greetings tony20, and welcome to chordie . . . misattributions are common (unfortunately).  I checked under Julian Lennon and there are 2 versions of Saltwater indexed (one version is incomplete - another unfortunately common problem).

I am not personally familiar with this particular song.  However, if this is a song you are familiar with then here is what to do . . .

Log in to chordie (so that you have full functionality)

Then, first go the incorrectly attributed version (the one indexed under John Lennon) and add a comment (see the bottom of the song's page).  Also, use the rating tool off the righthand side of the songs page - give this incorrect version a very low rating.

Next, go to the Julian Lennon listings.  Look at the two versions available there.  Rate the incomplete one very low.

The complete version may or may not benefit from some prettying up . . . use the 'correct song' button should you want to correct any layout or content errors in the song.  If you are going to edit a song, it is best to move it into your songbook first - and then make your changes there . . .

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Re: New feature - correct songs

The error here should now be fixed. It should now be possible to edit songs.

Please test if this works.

Re: New feature - correct songs

Yes, the error seems to be fixed.  I tried a few songs that would not show any changes previously, and these items now exhibit the improvements.

Curiously, a couple of them did not at first show the changes when I hit the 'return to song' button.  However, after saving the changes a second time the changes did appear after returning to the song.

Perhaps there is a lag time in some cases for the changes to appear?

Thanks again for continuing to make the best source on the net for lyrics & chords!

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Re: New feature - correct songs

There is a small chance that this will happen (if someone views the song while you are editing it). Your changes will however always be saved, the song will appear in a few minutes ... and the changes will appear instantly if you reedit the song.

Hope this was understandable...<img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_smile.gif" border=0 alt="Smile"> If this gets too annoying/confusing I will fix it.

Re: New feature - correct songs


I just signed up today, and so far, I really like what I see. But I'm having a problem. I am editing a song in my songbook, and the 'Update preview' button won't work. I get this dialog box:


<b>Safari can't open the page.</b>

Safari can't open the page <a href="" target="_blank"></a> because it could not load any data from this location.


I am running:


1.3.2 (v312.6)

on a PowerMac G4 over a DSL connection.

Re: New feature - correct songs

Well, the problem I was having updating preview in my songbook seems to have subsided.

I found that if I just punch it several times in a row it eventually works. Same behavior in Safari and Firefox ( And now it seems to work every time.

BTW, I forgot to mention my OS last time; it's MacOSX 10.3.9.

Re: New feature - correct songs

I think this is a temporary problem with the Internet connection. Please report if the problem continues.