Topic: JamPlay The End by Headcase

Well, my free lessons at JamPlay finish to night, now, as for problems is seems it is my computer, not that it is too slow or not powerful enough, one of my Grand-kids got on it with out my knowing and have done something which means I'm going to have to go through the Server,
and the maker Dell, and see if I can sort it out.
I downloaded the Adobe Flash and the the FireFox and it still did not help, however that is my problem to sort out.
As for Jamplay I thought the lessons where very good and you can pause and go back as often as you like until you have mastered the lesson you where working on.
I think there is more stuff on than when I first heard of JamPlay, and they keep adding stuff on all the time, and yes you can download quite a bit from each lesson, in fact if you download everything you'll be running out of ink and paper very quickly.
There is enough on JamPlay to suit every type of Guitar Player. Those who are really advanced
may find it too simple for them, but for learners I think it is great, and it is good value for your money.

Good luck and Health to all!!!