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Hi to all at Chordie, I hope everyone is keeping well.  If you read my last post, I told you about my problems with JamPlay loading.  As I said at the time i thought one of my grand children,
had got on to my computer and mucked it up, well I found the culpret, my youngest grandson,
However he 9 years old and Austisic, and he decided to finish the job and ripped out my inter-net contaction so I was of the air for a few days five I think.  However he did me a favour, I re-installed the internet, and now the JamPlay site is playing great as is Y-Tube which was also not loading, so alls  well that ends well.  I hope to take out my years membership of JamPlay by the weekend at the latest. In one of the posts Jsteven2020, asked if he could download of JamPlay, If he ment printed lessons, well the answer is yes, if he ment the actual program, then No, you do not download JamPlay it is on the net 24/7 .

Well Luck and Health to all!!!

Re: Re-JamPlay---I'm Back

hey thanks

Re: Re-JamPlay---I'm Back

Thanks Headcase, for providing all of the info about our site to the Chordie community! Hopefully everyone is enjoying the site!

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