Topic: Just starting guitar again.

Hey, does anyone have any suggestions for a beginner to play on a guitar? Like what tabs/ songs would you recommend?

Thanks. :-)

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Everyone else will echo this same advice ... ... everything and anything you need will be right there ... Justin is great with his instruction and I've utilized his site very much ... you can't go wrong; tabs, chords, scales, strumming patterns, songs, etc ... it's all there for you

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Re: Just starting guitar again.

Brouse through the public songbooks, there are many that have easy songs, and you will probably find a few with songs that fit your style and taste.

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Try not to learn songs that people tell you are easy, or you think will be easy.
Learn songs that you like-even if they are hard, you will be more motivated to play it, and will lear at a faster rate.

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Re: Just starting guitar again.

I agree with Syd1994,

And when I started playing I learned like.. 
sweet home alabama (Lynard), and Day tripper (Beatles), over the hills and far away (Led zep)
Then after those I jumped into stairway to heaven, when I was beginning.
Iv'e been playing fer 2 years and I started playing when I was like.. 12.
Now I'm doing improvised soloing with blues. Preettyy fun.
So yeah just stick to things you like. If you can't play them now, go back to them when you get better.


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i cut my teeth on iron man and crazy train (simple riffs) i wouldnt go with songs that are easy to play to start with cause if u find some good skills early on it will help a lot in the long run. its just now after 2 years of playin that i went back and learned sweet home alabama, turn the page, and simple it really depends on the kind of music you love as to how easy a certain song will be. if you love it, you will play it till you get it if its easy or not.