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\i know all you banjo players will cridge at the thought of a guitarist being too lazy to learn a new instrument but I fell what the heck, I can play the guitar now so why not a 6 string banjo to get a sound close to a banjo sound. My problem is simple how can i find a mid price ranged 6 string banjo that is worth while.

I only want it for a few songs, I normally play my guitar, a Martin D28, so I do not want to spend a lot of money on an instrument that I will play once in a while, but I also want something that will hold up.

I have seen names like Deering, Galveston, Gold Tone and quite honestly they are all new to me.

Does anyone know of a good manufacturer of a mid price range 6 string banjo.

thanks for your help.

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Hey there Johnemac,
Goldtone make a reasonable unit.  Check out some 6 string banjo playing by Harry Manx.

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i have a dean from mf with case 300.00 it has been worth it for all the fun it has brought me and any guitar player that has picked it up at our jam if to many guitars show out comes the bango

always pickin someting

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just a little follow up--- in Dec of 08 I got a 5 string banjo and have found it a fabulous experience to learn a new instrument. It is tough pickin up all the different rolls and picking patterns but right now if I play it and you don't play the banjo you might think I know what I am doing. I have learned most of it from you tube but I will be taking a lesson or two very shortly, I want to learn a few things right before they become ingrained in the wrong way.

Thanks to everyone for your input, I didn't realize Manx played a six string, he was one of my inspirations to buy a banjo-- go figure.

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I started playing 5-string banjo not that long ago, and, with no help whatsoever, I started playing G,C,D,E,F, so on. I also taught myself how to do both frailing and clawhammer (with the help of YouTube), though I must say that frailing is a bit of a challenge for me, whereas clawhammer is something that I could've been doing for a few months. Got a few words of praise from Leroy Troy (Tennessee Mafia Jug Band) after telling him about my banjo playing (he is a banjo pro). I wouldn't have known about the Tennessee Slicker had it not been for Marty Stuart (who introduced me to my no1 idol, "The Apostle" Paul Martin, who is a GREAT singer, bassist, guitarist, pianist, drummer, everything). Btw, my banjo is a Tonewood, though the case that it is in comes from Ozark.

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I guess that in dealing with a 6 string banjo, you may need to really get to learn a lot from this one. I think that you might try to reconsider all the things that you can have in order to play the banjo very well.
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