Topic: guidelines to enjoy the forum

How to enjoy Chordie's forum:
Basic Guidelines
DO'S Be friendly, be helpful.Ask questions.Share knowledge and ideas.Respect personal differences.

DO NOTS;*No obscenity, no foul or degrading language.
*No spam. Messages that simply promote a product, a service, or that advocate for a political or religious cause will be deleted. Spammers will be banned.
*No posting of copyrighted material (unless you are the writer).

PLEASE REMEMBER;Use common sense - this is a public place!Chordie's forum is used by people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.Chordie's forum is about Music and Musicians.Topics that become arguments over Religion and/or Politics will be closed or deleted.The forum Moderators and Administrators are volunteers.An individual who causes problems will be warned or banned

ye get some that are cut out for the job and others just get by from pretending