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Just downloaded couple of Dave Barnes' songs, think he's is class singer and really enjoy his songs. there are a couple of his songs on chordie already, but if any of you know easy chords to his songs can ye post them. im from ireland so we haven't heard of him over here.


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I just logged on for the first time. My cousin said I could use this site for lyric and chord downloads. I found the site to be confusing and was not able to find one of the songs I was looking for. Bob Seiger "Turn the Page" or anything from Neil Young.

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Hi nitrams,

You may have found what you were looking for by now but if not:-

Click on the Artist heading at the top of the page.

Click on 'S' and when loaded scroll down to  Segar, Bob.(note spelling)

Scroll down titles to 'Turn the Page(4)' and click on this.

Then click on any of the four versions to view.

From there you can tranpose, print or add to your songbook.

If you follow the same proceedure for Young, Neil, there are 377 song listed.

I hope this of help, it is not easy to give directions in writing but I am sure you will soon find your way round the site.


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hello bazzer ireland and welcome to chordie!  Perhaps your difficulty in finding the "Turn the Page" is simply a misspelling the artist's name.  It is Bob Seger (with no i).

There are several ways to find specific songs on chordie:

- Search by artists generally uses the last name of the artist.  This is the default search mode.  Click on the first letter of the artist's last name or band name on chordie's front page and then scroll through the listings.

- Search by song title is another way - often times this method will turn up listings for other artists or bands that have covered (or originated) a song.

- Another approach is to do a text search - simply entering the song's title, a line, or a phrase in the text search line will usually offer a wide variety of possible matches.

- Another method is to go to the 'Public books' tab and then search within the songbooks assembled by other chordie users.  This method may result in finding a version of the song that somebody has lovingly edited to suit their tastes.

Seeger's "Turn the Page" is a popular listing since it is often included in the 'top 10' and the 'top 100' lists that appear on chordie's front page.  I have not looked, but I'm willing to bet that there are multiple versions of this song (probably with both tabs and chords) available in chordies massive index.

Once you have played around with chordie's buttons a bit, you will find that it is very easy to use and that there are many unique features offered by this site.  Since I first stumbled on this site, I have found it to be an excellent source not only for songs but also for information on the many forum topics.

Hope this helps . . . I saw Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band perform in a bar many many years ago - it was a marvelous performance!

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Just so happens at the time of my reading this post, ( 2/16/07 at 7:14 AM eastern Standard Time ( Philly , PA ) in the upper right hand corner shows " 5 Popular Songs" and "Turn the Page" is the first one listed, but the spelling is wrong, it reads " Bob Seeger" .

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im looking for some easy chords of some dave barnes songs if you know them.

theres only 7 of his songs on the normal page. any ideas?