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That's amazing.

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It is an incredible world that we live in. Thanks.


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That was wonderful Segosha,

I used to watch Jacques Cousteau many years ago on tv.. Loved him and his programmes.

Ive seen people donning the best of clothes trying to disguise themselves as something there not..

Mother nature gets it right everytime. honest to goodness survival.

Thank you Badeye.. Stick on the kettle there will ya lol I could do with a cuppa ..

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I love watching shows about the ocean and all it's diversity. Blue Planet was an awesome series on the Discovery channel about the ocean. The subject of ocean exploration always irks me. We spend billions of dollars exploring the empties of space, looking for life that isn't there. Yet, our oceans are right here and we have only seen about 3% of them. And we know that there is lots of life there. On an ocean discovery show I saw, a man said the for the price of launching a space shuttle, he could dive in his submersible twice a day, every day for like 5 years. Hmmmm... let's see, launch a space shuttle once to find nothing or launch a diver 3000 times to find the most wonderful creatures that have ever lived. My money is on the ocean.

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