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I was visiting my Mum and Dad’s grave the other day  it was the ten year anniversary of their passing. It’s a big cemetery lots of headstones etc. So many lives that now only live in peoples memories.
I thought this poem might ring a chord of familiarity of some of those left behind..
Musical composition seems to be eluding me at this moment...  lol

Thanks for reading.

I wish I’d listened to you more now.
Now your gone from me.
I wish I hold more your memories now.
Now your not there to see.

I wish  I’d been there for you now.
Now your just picture hanging there.
I wish  I had made the time now.
Now I become to late aware.

I wish I’d not been dismissive now.
Now your words would mean so much.
I wish I had just lingered longer now.
Now I’m without your touch.

I wish I’d believed in you now.
Now your words ring so true.
I wish I had our time again now.
Now I can’t say I love you…

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Very nice ark, haveing been orphaned young I know your feelings, PEACE

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so true ark. i remember breaking my heart on the stairs, away from everyone, wishing i'd said "i love you" before my mother died. both my mam and dad are buried in my sisters garden (ashes) so i can visit almost any time. usually it's enough to know that they are there.

nice work my friend. i look forward to hearing the finished piece


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Being in a sad state myself due to the anniversary of loss, your poem is a reminder for me to love and hug close those ones that are still here... now.  Very nicely written Ark, I am sure it will be beautiful once music comes to your words.  We will be visiting our daughter and my father in law's graves today.  I will be sure to take a moment of thought for your losses while there as well.

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Gorgeous Ark,

Im sure we all have the same sentiments about passed loved ones..

Regrets ! But in a more mature adult way now. We reflect better about life when were older. We do what we do at certain ages in a lifetime. Its what we knew best at that particular time.

Its all a slow learning  life process.

I understand exactly what you mean Ark and enjoyed  your piece also with some reflection.

Thank You"

Old Doll.

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Oh Dear I forgot about this poem might as well blame old age smile
Thanks to all who took the time to comment alway most appreciated.