Re: Things I learned on Facebook.

bensonp wrote:

It appears so, alvee.  Maybe we need a grumpy old fart section.  Something to think about.

Can I join?  My wife would say I'm a charter member!  lol

"I don't have pet peeves...I have whole kennels of irritation."  --Whoopi Goldberg

Re: Things I learned on Facebook.

Fwiw, I have a FB page and I love it.  I use it as a sort of zen blog, posting links to youtube videos, posting quotes from my collection or just venting and being a bit eccentric.  I play none of the games and rarely do the quizzes since I think they quite stupid.  I only have 56 friends, a mix of family, high school, college, and real life friends and some mutual friends who are pretty cool in their own right.   I never stay on that long anyhow.   Plus a lot of my friends don't use it a lot anyway.  It's just a tool to keep in touch and have a bit of fun.

And Zurf, that was hysterical.  I love the muppets!  LOL

"I don't have pet peeves...I have whole kennels of irritation."  --Whoopi Goldberg

Re: Things I learned on Facebook.

mekidsmom wrote:

I like facebook.  It lets me see pictures of Roger's kitties and weird looking bugs...

A new photo has gone up especially for you Amy smile.

Ozyman, I use FB pretty much the same way.

My favourite Muppet clip is:


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Re: Things I learned on Facebook.

I'm quite the same as you Ozy.  Only a few friends on Facebook.  I just use it to look for old school or Army buddies.  I play bejewelled once in awhile, but don't want to get into any of the other games.  Most are a waste.  And as far as the old farts club, I guess we may both fit right in.  Maybe some of the moderators can set up the Old Farts section.

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Re: Things I learned on Facebook.

The thing with FB, is to use it have fun, but be cautious.  I never post vacation plans until after I get back.  I never post anything that I don't want coming back and bite me in the butt.  As in really personal stuff or really angry rants.  I have another place for that.   I also have the privacy controls for,  friends only, to read and see the pictures I post.   For me, FB is a toy and a tool and I take good care of my toys and tools. 

When I first started, I got lots of friend requests from people I didn't know or had mutual friends.  Since then I have learned about people who accumulate friends like it's some sort of contest.  And FB has it's own peculiar spambots, mostly porn.  I also prefer to friend people from forums if they send me a message, letting me know who they are.  SouthPaw is one of them, but, then I met him personally so it was cool. 

SouthPaw also uses FB to spread the word about his gigs.  My guitar and singing teachers have pages and they are my friends, but they also have an FB page for professional purposes.  And in the music biz, it's easy to accumulate a lot of friends and make connections. 

Like anything else on the internet, a little common sense goes a long way.   I can understand people who don't care about it.  Then there's the group that live for this stuff, like myspace or other social networks.   Now that's something I can't understand.

"I don't have pet peeves...I have whole kennels of irritation."  --Whoopi Goldberg

Re: Things I learned on Facebook.

I agree it doesn't take to much brains to be on FaceCráic.

It is good to keep in touch with family and friends  you dont see much of..

We as a large clan have fun posting old photos to one another and having the banter about them.. Other then that its boring, boring .

I go when i have  emails to answer there. Who wants to know what you ate for breakfast ! or that you need barbed wire for a farm that doesnt exist. I ask Ya !!

There are a few interesting post and people on there.. But very few and far between.

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