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Topic: Keep 'er Lit.

Been away a while taking care of business - any hoo !

This is going to be a song for guys , you know, like the ones we sang in the showers after the game, or on the bus home. The title is a Belfast saying from back in the time of steam engines - Keep Her Lit

Keep 'er Lit.

When you're drivin' through the waters
East of the Mallaccas,
When the typhoon spins the sea
Into a plume.
When there's nothing you can pray for,
And nothing you want to die for.
There's one thing you must do -
And do it soon.

Keep 'er lit!
Keep''er lit!
Feed the fire in her belly
Keep 'er lit!
Then she'll need no explanation.
She'll rise above temptation.
She'll be your  sweet salvation.
Keep 'er lit !

When you're twenty and the world
Looks mighty scary
And you've suddenly realised
Why you are hairy
When the Lady's acting coy
And calling you a boy
Well it's time to light the fire
And seize the day

When you're standing in the desert
Deprived of all except your nightshirt
And there's not a Rio round
for half a hundert.
Well you can place your trust in this,
Cos it'll hit more than she'll miss,
Strike a light then, man
And grab a kiss

After thirty years of marriage,
When you're sick of peas and carrots,
And you're just not as interested
As you used-ter
When she's screaming for attention
And tired of your rejection
Give yourself some fuel injection
Turn her over!

When you're lyin' on your scratcher
And oul death's around the corner
When the family's cryin buckets
At the door.
Tell them all to quit their snivellin'
Touch the candle to the curtain,
Better go south where it's burnin',
Say no more.

"Don't play what's there, play what's not there." Miles Davis

Re: Keep 'er Lit.

So Strans,

Despite what happens in life " Keep "er Lit. Sounds like good advice to me.

I feel theres 2 songs actually tied up in this piece.

30 years married ! Peas and carrots, That would make a good ole song i feel.

What about Ya ?

Old Doll.

Why Blend in with the Crowd ? When you were made to stand out !