Topic: A Sleepless Night (Happy Halloween!)

(just in time for All Hallow's Eve.....have fun!)

A Sleepless Night

The day dissolves in deliberate thaw
The twilight turns to dust
Horizon draws an underscore
While moonlight readjusts

Shadows deepen to obscure
The light once cast that is no more
Objects seamlessly transform
Into shapes that won’t turn back till dawn

Imagination runs askew
Tight gripped covers mask from view
The too tall form, reflects in the mirror
You blink your eyes; did it get nearer?

The hump-backed lump there in the arch
Makes your throat sand-filled with arid parch
With a lion’s mane and shark-like teeth
Eight legs below, ten claws on each

And what about that closet door?
Seems too wide opened; was it closed before?
By the window the spirit rises and falls
And beckons more ghosts, as the owl calls

Would love to get up, shake these thoughts of undead
But fear there’s one hiding under your bed!
Will grab at your feet as soon as they touch
A handful of blanket, tighter you clutch

Wind rustles the curtains, as if on cue
Causing hangers to tinkle; cold fingers now blue
You watch as the moonlight gives way to the dawn
And slowly; and surely; the evils transform.

The coat rack reflected, draped with a shawl,
Hat tipped at the top, with boots down below
The fringed baby’s blanket hanging over the chairs
Eyes heavy, you drift; gone are the stuff of nightmares


Re: A Sleepless Night (Happy Halloween!)


I will say just keep rowing and your poem will sail!
I will not suggest and comment be proud your poem you made!
Sorry!not to use karma ? Normally known in good or bad?
Anyway I will support and wish and pray!
That  every poem is meaning full to the one who made.
Lets your mind  dictate in goodwill to do a poem.
Its not defend how long !important is what you feel and understand ?
Someday ,someone will recognised and use  your poem?


Neil Pineda

kansas_bhoy2 >>>>///\\\<<<.......................................................NEIL@UrSeRvIcE/ P?

Re: A Sleepless Night (Happy Halloween!)

Aah, i love this KarmaCarmie

Its wonderful. kept me totally engrossed untill the end, then i busted laughing. { babys blanket }
Thats terrific. I used be scared to put my feet on to the bedroom floor in the dark. Fearing what was under the bed lol Sure there was always only shoes !

As me Mam said " Theres nothing in the dark that wasnt there before ya put out the light..

Its a great write. So very well written.

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween. { Irish Saying }

Old Doll

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