Topic: The Cheesy poem of Jackie Hays

Had this dumb little poem in my head for a while now.
Thought I would post it and see the response ( if any ).

There was once a man named Jackie Hays
Of Welsh stock, Midwest raised
A farmers son who turned the soil
decided one day didn't want to toil

Where was the future in this way of life?
Didn't have the means to support a wife
Twisters or drought wore him down
On his face a perpetual frown

The Banks loan paid and repaid
Total owed never seemed to fade
Of the pittance he eventually made
Had nothing left with which to trade

Pondered on how to make some cash
Replace the '54 Chevy he'd smashed
Money sure don't grow on trees
Fall from the sky like Autumn leaves

Over the fireplace his old hunting rifle
Somehow managed his conscience to stifle
A jaunt into town to buy some lead
Deposited into his Bankers head

Re: The Cheesy poem of Jackie Hays

Every living breathing person on this wee Island of Ireland
wants to do just that with all the bankers here at the moment.

Theres a litany of repossessions  here on houses and cars, Both business and personal.

Jackie hays ain't alone here with this thinking.

Good concept.

Old Doll.

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Re: The Cheesy poem of Jackie Hays

Thanks Old Doll, it's the same here in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Two years ago my company employed 180 people.
The recession hit us hard and now we have fewer than 80.
Three couples I know lost their houses and cars.

Whatever happens the Banks seem to win.

Jamie R

Re: The Cheesy poem of Jackie Hays

all too true, i'm afraid.

last year the uk government bailed out the banks after they almost bankrupted the country. so what did the greedy bankers do? gave themselves bonuses!  give me strength...

the unfortunate truth is that it's a rich mans world. two years ago they closed the factory i had worked at for 18 years. making a profit, the only site in the group that was. so it was a political decision which the working man has yet again got to pay for.

sorry for the rant....but a very poignant subject which opens a lot of wounds and discussion.

viva la revolution


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Re: The Cheesy poem of Jackie Hays

Where do I sign up for the Revolution????

As the old saying goes - Somethings got to give.

Jamie R

Re: The Cheesy poem of Jackie Hays

Hi jamier, i'm further down south from you, in Cape Town, i have more than one song written about banks, some of them completely unfit for Chordie posting, BUT, i certainly felt better after writing them. The banks must be every persons pet hate right now, one song is called Banking Swine,  enuff' said.

Keep on Rocking and remember Animals Feel Pain Too.

Re: The Cheesy poem of Jackie Hays

Hey Buvvy, glad to hear I'm not the only Seff Africaner here.

Banking Swine??? Please don't insult the pigs by lumping them together with Bankers.

Jamie R

Re: The Cheesy poem of Jackie Hays

That is all of us, twisted trapped. Nice work though.