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this is the third poem. a fairy tale for hallowen, i know it was last week...

For The Love Of The Faery Queen.

If I crossed the great divide.
From narrow mind to ocean wide.
Would I find a place to hide?
Would her love protect me?

Lightening streaks across the sky.
Ghostly horsemen searching wide.
For the thief whose heart did take.
The Lady of the faery glade.

Minutes pass they seem like years.
Hooded searchers, dread and fear.
Will their eyes befall my form?
And leave me dying in the storm.

I pray to he who sees and hears.
While raindrops fall like baby's tears.
Protect my soul, deliver me.
To the lands where life is free.

They travel on, I breathe again.
Though my body racks with pain.
A ghostly knife has shed my blood.
This sallow earth is turning red.

I lay beneath some hazel trees.
My life's blood running, freely bleed.
Soon the darkness, vision fades.
Ghostly riders claim their prize.

No angel's in a heavenly place.
Underworld behold my fate.
For though I hold the Lady's grace.
Forever damned in this unholy place.

Phill Williams. 5th November 2010.

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Re: faery queen

Soooooooo Good Phil,

Thoughts of Arthurian Legends with Lady of the lake imagery while reading this piece,

Narrow minds to oceans wide { love that line }

Well done again

Old Doll.

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Re: faery queen

I really like this Phil! great write! -T