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Topic: Let me Lead You Astray.

This feels likea straight Irish Trad song. Been working on the melody and I've added to the chorus - simple stuff, but it works.

Let me Lead You Astray.

Let me lead you astray
From your fields streams and rivers
To the streets, bars and mirrors
Where Belfast's crowding people gather

And in Botanic there'll be dancin',
Down the Empire, there'll be laughin'
Madden's fiddles will be flyin'
And we can go romancin'
We can go.
We can go,
We can go,
Go romancin'.

And there's lamplight by the river
Where we can kiss and watch the water.
Oh I can see you there
With your dark eyes and your dark hair.

And you'll be mine in the mornin'
As the sun breaks round the curtain
Your warm skin, pale as linen
And me beside you lyin'.

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Re: Let me Lead You Astray.

This is a lovely piece Strans,

I'd love to hear this to music with the voice of Mary Black.

Because i know Belfast i felt the bustle first, then a fall into quiet
as your writing took me to the quiet of the river.

Class work.

Old Doll

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Re: Let me Lead You Astray.

this is absolutely beautiful, will make a wonderful wonderful song; look fwd to hearing it! -T