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I'm considering buying a Larrivee Parlor in Hawaiian Koa, any comments regarding this model would be appreciated

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I like the sound and look of a Parlor guitar, and I'd love to have one made by Larrivee, which is, of course, well known for the quality of their instruments. I'm probably in the minority when I say I don't like the look of Koa wood, although I appreciate the quality of the tone. Life is short, so if I price was right, I'd say buy it, if only for its unique sound and style.

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I must say that I have heard the name but I have never played a Larrivee, are they expensive for the most part. I am not sure but are they made in Canada. Any one familiar with these guitars

what a long strange trip it's been

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Steve, check this Tacoma PM9 out. I've spoken to this guy several times and came pretty close to trading for this instrument. It looks to be mint. It is solid wood (Spruce/Mahogany). You could probably get this for about $400.

p.s. I did not trade because he wanted my Yamaha Jumbo and I was not quite ready to part with it.

p.p.s. Larivees are GREAT guitars.