Topic: here`s a challenge!

I`m trying to locate chords & lyrics to a

song by Marmalade called `Falling apart at

the seams`. It was released in the late `70`s

so some of you will be too young to

remember!! <img src="images/smiley_icons/icon_rolleyes.gif" border=0 alt="Rolling Eyes">

thanks anyway


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if you are a member of this site go to browse songs and its under fall apart at the seams!!!

hope you find it!!

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hi roy,

dont know if it is the same song or not but I know a band called Cinderella had a song called "falling apart at the seams". They might have covered it.

I cannot recall marmalade doing a song called that though.


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Re: here`s a challenge!

hi there, no that`s not the one, the opening line starts off:- `Until You Came, Seems Like My World Was Falling Apart At The Seams`.

It was late `70`s tho`.