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Okay, so with an amp ( I have a small cheap Peavey 15 watt backstage 2 amp) like if i turn eq (high and low) all the way up and overdrive all the way up, which is supposed to produce a metal sound. are you supposed to strum like fast or every now and then to keep the sound going? When I strum like a regular song the whole sound just fades together and you can barely hear the chord change. When I turn lead off it sounds good, just like an acoustic...So what am i/should i do?


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Re: Overdrive/Distortion/Etc...

Itrs up to you really, if the sound fades than strum again. I tend to strum pretty fast for metal. Metal is played with power chords generally, not open chords. If you dont know what power chords are just ask me.


Re: Overdrive/Distortion/Etc...


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Re: Overdrive/Distortion/Etc...

Time to tweak the gain (eq?) down a bit until it suits the pace of the song, you shouldn't be letting the amount of distrotion determine how you play. One of the tricky things with modern rock is that  in concert each song may have a different set of effects and amp settings. Top players may work through their pedal board changing the sound for each song or even switching to a more distorted sound for the chorus or the solo. Hard to do on a basic amp.

On the other hand that amp has everything you need to know about cooking up a good sound. The gizmos just make it easier to hit a pedal and get what you want on tap (even then there's plenty of setup required).

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