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i wrote 3 poems today this is number 2

Life Lived Free.

Time flows like a lonely river.
And I am sealed within my fate.
As the universe around me.
Never slows and never waits.

And I am here within this vaccuum.
Sealed from liquid, air and sound.
I can see the world around me.
Never touching holy ground.

I must follow where life leads me.
Follow blindly, feel my way.
And if I stumble, lose the high ground.
Another plan must come to play.

Until I call you, sleep enfolds you.
Take good comfort in your rest.
For all the while I fight this battle.
When I am lost you do your best.

Here we stand the sad survivors.
Cast back memories of friends.
Heroes all; wounded, battered.
And those that met their bitter end.

And so each year we do remember.
We will recall each selfless deed.
The hero gave his life to save us.
One minutes silence, for a life lived free.

Phill Williams. 5th November 2010.

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Re: life lived free

Again a great piece Phil,

I always get a lump in my throat watching the aged veterans on Rememberance  day.

They gave so much of themselves for there countries. Not a selfish bone among them.

Lessons to be learned from there strength Eh !

Old Doll.

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Re: life lived free


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Re: life lived free

Very meaningful write Phil. Well done!