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I've stuck by my original (cheap!) Encore 'strat' for 4 or 5 years sincxe I first started plkaying and have bought a couple of other guitars in between, both accoustic and electric (Tanglewood and Yamaha accoustics and a Gretsch Electromatic). Despite having the options, I still find the old Encore being the one I grab first. I'm not great - started way too late, and I've no ambitions to be up on a stage.

Anyway, as it's been way too long since buying my last guitar I've been thinking of upgrading the Encore ("shouldn't be difficult" I can hear some saying!). I'm probably 70% leaning towards a Strat - a proper one this time, or maybe a Telecaster. The music I play is mostly RnR (50's/60's) and Country, but I have also enjoyed learning and playing some Surf stuff (Dick Dale, Ventures, etc) on the Encore.

I've never picked up a Tele' before, but intend to when I get to the local music shop. But in terms of playability, sound, etc, I'd be interested in views and opinions.

Whether it's a Start or a Tele, it'll be a used one in the £300 ($450-$500) range. Other than the Fender, are there any good alternatives? How does the Squire compare?

Lots of questions, but I look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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You sound like youre way beyond a Squire. Thats more for biginers. There are plenty of Fender Strats made in Mexico in youre price range.

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I like my mexican strat,it was cheap to buy and feels and sounds as good as an american one I like the telicastors they sound good with older rock and are used alot in country western. Keith richards plays one most the time and bruce springsteen also. They have a little more "twang".

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The main thing you will have to get used to with a tele is the initial soreness in your ribcage where the edge of it rests up against you.
Then there's the overall brightness of the guitar that you will have to get used to.

Strats are pretty mellow compared to a Tele and you want to be sure you're ready for that when you try one out. You will have to realign your amp and effects pedal settings to account for the brightness of the guitar. Some of your effect pedals may no longer sound "correct" when you use the tele.

Also note: Squire guitars are the same quality as the Fender brand...just with cheaper electronics (Sometimes). If you get a Squire Tele, you will be getting the same quality as a Fender just won't have the "Fender" sticker on the headstock.

Good luck picking your Tele!!


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Thanks for the input guys

Well, I tried out a couple of Tele's at the local shop - one a Fender (couldn't afford it, even if I wanted it) and one a Squier. Liked the sound, but when I compared it to the shop Strat (Fender American) I just couldn't get the right sounds. Sure it would come with a little or a lot of practice, but have opted for a second hand Mexican Strat'. Pick it up tomorrow!

(A year from now, once the wife starts to forget how many guitars I've got, I'll be going back for a Tele'!!)

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They never forget.

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bensonp wrote:

They never forget.

How right you are Pete!!!!!!

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Why do you want another one?!  You have 2 already!!!

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Well, I got the new (old) Fender home tonight. Took it out of the case and was just strumming a few chords, when the wife walked in and said "It's the same as the one you've already got!" Tried explaining the different makers, but she just told me "They're the same colour........" Remind me to say that when she shows me her 5th pair of red shoes ;-)