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Topic: Online Tabs player - tabsby.net

We've just launched new website for vieweing and playing Guitar Pro tabs online.


Here is an example - Scorpions - Holiday

Might be helpfull for studying the guitar playing.

The archive of the website includes 54k multitrack tablatures. Also, any Guitar Pro tab can be uploaded in public or private mode and embeded into any website.

We'd really like to hear your opinion.

Re: Online Tabs player - tabsby.net

Even though it's midi it's soooo accurate!! The tunings are all there as well as the individual instrument tracks!!



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Re: Online Tabs player - tabsby.net

Wow, thanks smile that sounds very positive smile

Re: Online Tabs player - tabsby.net

That's got some real potential there, good work.

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Re: Online Tabs player - tabsby.net

big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile

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Re: Online Tabs player - tabsby.net

looks helpfull,thanks for the info.

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