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Does anyone know a site for piano music that is like Chordie? I have self taught myself the guitar and I would like to do the same with the piano. I site like this would be great. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

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hi Swafford and welcome to the chordie forum

I am afraid I do not know any site especially for the piano that is like chordie but I do know of one site that gives you a little sheet music and you can hear how it goes.
It is folk music and traditional scottish music only though. Might not be to your taste but might help. … dxv6as.htm


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Hi Swafford81,

I also don't know any piano sites like chordie.  Teaching piano is still largely the domain of teachers who to teach children and who insist that the kids 'play the notes on the page'.

Here is a link to 'Scott the Piano Guy'.  His approach to playing piano is wonderful.  You learn basic chord shapes and then how to link them together.
With his approach, all you need are lyrics and chords to play a song - it is very cool stuff.  First saw his program on National Public Broadcasting - great show.

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does any one knows any site that gives cord resources for keyboard/piano?

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Here you go keyboard/piano players.

Just type in( in the search block) a song or artist that you seek and most likely it'll be there.

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Thanks for all the help!

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i became a member to send you this web site it is great i just found it, playing the piano is more of a commitment as you will see. The chords played on a guitar create an overall musical sound but with a piano you need both hands so just having a chord is not as useful. You will need to study how to read the music on a sheet to get the same satisfaction it is not that difficult just takes a little longer. so learning the basics of where the notes are is trickier but very satisfying when you do get it, why not try Alfreds Adult Basic Piano books they are very good and satisfying tunes of all different genres in them.

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If you have a macintosh, garage band comes with an outstanding set of piano (and guitar) lessons on video.

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