Topic: Motorbike + Guitar = ???

Hi everyone, I have a question regarding transporting my guitar by motorbike. I have started playing away from home at various friends houses and usually need to get on the highway to reach my destination.
My Yamaha F310 seems not to mind getting strapped to my back and transported in this fashion. It doesn't even go out of tune.

Am I gradually damaging my guitar in this way or am I stressing too much?.

Re: Motorbike + Guitar = ???

I suppose it depends how you ride and the type of roads you're riding on, too much banging it around ain't gonna do it any good. I ride a BMW R1200RT but I wouldn't dream of taking my guitars on it due it interfering with my control of the bike but it's your life.


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Re: Motorbike + Guitar = ???

I ride quite slowly Jerry, 80 km per hour is about the limit when I am carrying my guitar.
That said, the roads around where I stay are absolutely shocking.

Guess I will just hope for the best then.


Re: Motorbike + Guitar = ???

I don't see where it will harm the guitar.  Your body is absorbing any shocks from bumps, etc.

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Re: Motorbike + Guitar = ???

It's probably OK as long as you're not playing while rideing

Re: Motorbike + Guitar = ???

Get a gig bag with backpack straps.  Your body will protect it from wind buffeting.  I don't carry my guitars on my motorcycles but I know guys that do.

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Re: Motorbike + Guitar = ???

I have a gig bag that I use, Jerome.
It works quite well, my neck takes a bit of strain but its not too bad.
I'm just glad to know its not totally frowned upon to carry a guitar by motorbike.

Thanks for the comments guys