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I suffer from nerves when anyone watches me atempt to play the geetar.Does anyone else have the same problem?.What do you do to cope with it.Ive thought about hynotherapy!!!!.Any advice anyone.

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  Don't worry about being nervous, Everyone who's ever played for someone else has gone thru this. Everyone has to start somewhere. Just concentrate on what you're playing. Remember you are doing something you enjoy and love. And someone has asked you to share this with them,how cool is that? Sometimes it helps to put yourself in that situation so you can overcome that feeling. Push yourself a little more each time.I 've been playing a long time and for the most part don't get nervous. Occasionally if a crowd I'm playing for is exceptionally loud or roudy I just tell myself I'm here to do what I love doing.Keep my mind on what I'm doing and enjoy the experience. I know you'll get thru it just fine. Good Luck and keep playing.


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Hi 3 chordmania, I do  and alot of others here do as well. You are not alone,just keep doing itand you will get used too the feeling and it will be better once you gain more confidence. welcome too chordie.

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Practice your performance until you can do it in your sleep. Also practice fractions of songs...start and end them in weird places, come in on verses, choruses, and bridges instead of practicing the whole tune as one unit. Doing these two things will a) make you are so comfortable with the song that even if performance anxiety gets the better of you, you'll still have your shit together, and b) if you do lose your place or briefly go mental it will be much easier for you to re-start or catch up mid-tune.

I used to have horrid nerves before shows...nausea, vomiting, the whole deal. I started doing a shot of Jameson to take the edge off. smile Now I still get nerves, but it's more excitement than anxiety. I typically play with my eyes closed which helps me forget that there's an audience. smile

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In the beginning...I was intimidated just walking into to a guitar shop. Now I routinely but amateurishly play in front of whoever is in the room with me. Often I strike up conversations with others - my kids tell me I will talk to anyone, which is true - and even "play" quietly while we talk. Last week I met an "old-timer" and he and I exchanged a few strums. It dawned on me at that moment that I had come a long way.

Twice now someone has actually recognized whatever song I was butchering. A proud moment for me and motivation to continue my efforts.

There are those who can really play and there are many who are likely no better than you. Either way there is something to be learned by someone. I find most guitarists will fall all over themselves trying to help you. So play like no one is watching and enjoy. The worst thing they can do is ask you to leave.

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hi 3chord,

i play a lot of pubs and clubs locally and have done for around 30 years. i dont get nerves before or during a show, but when i'm getting close to the venue i tend to start to bust for a pee! embarassing huh?

on stage i just close my eyes and try to look and sound that's difficult


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Thanks for all the messages and adviceI will try to follow it all and thanks for the warm welcomes I received it means quite alot to me.One question though what is "Makers Mark"(forgive my ignorance)

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The first time I walked into a music store to try a guitar I was nervous and did  not play anything. There were a few others in there playing and I was intimidated. Second time I tried a Squire and when I hooked it into the amp there was a loud screech of feedback. I played for about two minutes and walked out from embarrassment.

Since I have been in a few stores, picked the weapon of my choice, hooked up to an amp (after making sure some child did not turn the volume to 11) and just played. If they don't like my music they will ask me to stop. I know enough to play some songs and last time I was in GC there was a dad in there with his kid. Kid was looking at guitars and dad watched me butcher Pink Floyd.

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Anyone who plays will most likely NOT criticize(i hope i spelled that right) you or laugh at you.There is no need to feel nervous.If you actually buy something the store employees wont mind.I am still amazed at the young kids belting out killer licks at guitar center.Also it is fun to watch Gabbytrout turn heads at guitar center.People are amazed to see this nerdy looking little girl play an electric guitar.Although it was a mean thing to do,about 3 years ago a young boy was trying out guitars(probably his first),And I told her to "kick his A**".And she did, and he put down the guitar and walked away.I dont feel guilty,it was just a mean thing to do.Dont worry about what others think.Anyone who has anything bad to say probably doesnt play because they werent in the same situation at one time.

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I love the guitar because whatever you play on it cleanly and properly, the instrument sounds wonderful.
Baldguitardude's advice is key. What ever you play in public, play it correctly. Start out simple. Do tunes you know for sure.
A little nervousness is good because it keeps you alert and motivated.
I believe "Makers Mark" is a good quality bust head whiskey. If your nerves are that bad, a pop or two may help. A beer does it for me.
Three + beers and my skills begin to tail off.

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You play cause you love it.  Don't let the nerves take that away from you.   You only have one life and it's yours to play in........  wink

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Campfires, friends, adult beverages, and a LOT of encouragement from Dirty Ed.  That's with guitar, and I had a lifetime of being on or around stages.  Butterflies in the stomach are normal.  Forgetting your lyrics is normal (it's why the touring bands continue to practice, practice, practice even after playing the same songs for twenty years).  You just have to force your way through it and don't get angry with yourself when you make a mistake.  You're GOING to make mistakes.  Shoot, I've got a recording of Willie Nelson playing Goodnight Irene with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band and he messed up the lyrics.  Goodnight Irene!  It's a campfire song, and Willie stinkin' Nelson messed up the lyrics on a RECORDING.  So don't be hard on yourself.  Just laugh and keep going.  It's all about having fun.

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thanks zurf that is confidence building